Yarrapack is the food paper packaging manufacturer. We can custom branding for your packaging

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Renewable Material Reduce the environmental impact of our packaging over its lifecycle.

We source materials and energy that reduce the overall materials, energy and waste produce - E.g. our sugar cane pulp coffee cup uses the leftover of sugar cane pulp produce from the sugar factory. This reduce the amount of tree cut.

Recycle Enabled Ensuring packaging production and product wastage are reduced.

Ensuring packaging production and product wastage are reduced. Our boat tray use innovative structure to reduce the packaging weight but provide equal functionality. We focus on reducing waste and improving recyclability of our packaging.

Biodegradable Corn-based PLA

We move from Petroleum generated PE coating to Corn generated PLA coating so that the packaging can be composting without harming the environment.

Sustainable Plantation Saving the Forest

We source paper from paper mills that used wood from sustainable forest. Most of our product made from FSC certified paper.